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On this page you will find resources to help guide you and your student through their first year experience and beyond.

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Helpful Resources for You and Your Student

Campus Safety

Learn about Western's “Safe Campus Community” approach that protects the personal safety of your student.

Campus Community Police Services

Career Conversations

You might be wondering, "Isn't it a little soon for my student to be thinking about this?"

Actually, it isn't.

Planning for the future can be difficult and we know that parents and family often play a critical role. Visit the page below to learn how you can best engage and support your student as they discover their career interests.

Start the Career Conversation

Course Selection & Class Schedule

There are great tools available to assist students with selecting courses and building their class schedule. Your student can use Draft My Schedule and Western’s Academic Calendar to assist with planning and making their course selections. The Office of the Registrar also has a page for new students with additional resources you may find helpful.

Office of the Registrar - New Students

The goal of the SAO team is to connect with every new student prior to September to ensure they have made the right choices for their program(s) and faculty. Find more information on how to access and signup for SAO services below.

SAO Workshops SAO Appointments

Get to Know London

London is a beautiful and vibrant city with lots to see and do. Visit the London Tourism site to explore what our city has to offer.

London Tourism

Health & Wellness

Well-being is made up of multiple dimensions, and Western offers different options to best support students and their needs.

Health & Wellness Services Western Campus Recreation

Learning Development & Success

Remote learning support and online resources are available to help students transition to university.

Learning Development & Success


Living in residence for the first time is an exciting experience, and you likely have questions about how your student can prepare and what to expect. You can find all of these details and signup for the eNewsletter on the Residence website.

Residence Parent Guide

Student Finances

Information about OSAP & Government Loans, Fees & Refunds, Scholarships & Awards can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Office of the Registrar - Student Finances

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